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The Joy of Cleaning

Why Pressure Washing Systems Are Necessary For Cleaning Pigeon Droppings

Catherine Edwards

Anyone who lives in a big city knows that pigeons are messy birds that leave their droppings everywhere. This disgusting habit is not only gross but can be dangerous to a family's health. That's why it is so crucial to use a pressure washing system to clean off a home.

Pigeon Droppings Is Destructive To Homes

Pigeons are handsome birds to view in the wild, but when they live in cities they can be very destructive to homes. For example, their droppings are very acidic and corrosive. Sadly, it can even damage areas after it has been removed from the surface of the building. They are most commonly noticed on roofs, such as apartment buildings or even historic sites.

All those droppings can not only damage a building but also get into its HVAC system. An HVAC system is the heating and cooling system connected to the various air vents in the home. When pigeon poop damages these systems and gets inside of it, health problems may be inevitable.

It Can Actually Be Dangerous To A Family's Health

When bird droppings damage an HVAC system and get into its inner workings, it can quickly spread a variety of diseases through a home. For example, histoplasmosis is inside of bird droppings. This fungus causes a respiratory disease that can be fatal. Other serious problems include candidiasis, a fungal infection on the mouth, and cryptococcosis, a pulmonary disease caused by yeast in droppings.

The scary thing about this situation is that many families may not even be aware that their HVAC system is infected. As the dangerous bacteria and fungus grows in the system, it can spread and make it easier to infect a person. That's one reason why pressure washing a home of pigeon droppings regularly is such a vital way of protecting a family's health.

The Benefits Of Pressure Washing

A good pressure washing system is designed to break apart stains on a home and to make them cleaner and healthier. They can be used to attack pigeon droppings, break them off the side of the home, and eliminate their corrosive properties. Applying a good pressure wash to the side of a building once or twice a year can keep it in great shape for years to come.

It can also provide it with a stronger exterior that resists a wider range of damage types. For example, it can help keep it strong enough to resist storm damage, wind pressure, and many other types of possible damage. As a result, a person who gets their home pressure washed is helping to add years to its life and make it a better place to live. For more information, talk to a company like A Blast to the Past.