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The Joy of Cleaning

Busy Clothing Stores And Boutiques: Do Viruses Live In Your Carpets?

Catherine Edwards

If you operate an exceptionally busy clothing store or boutique, you may not have time to clean your carpets and other flooring regularly. If your carpets appear in reasonably good condition, you might put off cleaning them even longer. Although your flooring may appear clean, they could be dirtier than you think. Your carpets could harbor harmful pathogens, including viruses. Learn why it's important to keep your store's carpets clean and how.

What Type of Viruses Are in Your Carpets' Fibers?

You might not give your store's carpets much thought during the day, but you should. Although you don't see them, a host of pathogens lurk, hide, and even thrive in your carpets' fibers, including noroviruses.

Noroviruses typically transmit or enter the body via the mouth. Transmission of the viruses may occur if you eat a contaminated piece of fruit or other food item. It may also occur if you touch a surface contaminated with human feces, saliva, and other bodily fluids, then place your unwashed hands or fingers into your mouth. The most contaminated surfaces in a home or business are unclean carpets.

The fibers of unclean carpets can collect the viruses when your customers or employees walk on them with contaminated shoes. The shoes' soles may harbor feces or saliva (spit). Customers who drop contaminated keys or pens on your carpets may inadvertently spread noroviruses to your carpets. These actions may place your shoppers or their family members at risk for the viruses.

For example, toddlers who drop their pacifiers onto the flooring may pick up a virus when they place the contaminated items back into their mouths. Adults may also contract a virus if they drop money or another item onto the flooring, then forget to wash their hands before they eat or brush their teeth. Once the customers pick up the viruses, they can experience a host of digestive and health problems, including vomiting, headaches, and diarrhea.

You can protect your shoppers and business from noroviruses by simply cleaning your carpets.

How Do You Keep Your Carpets Clean?

If your boutique or clothing store is small, you may be able to clean your flooring yourself. You can do so by vacuuming your flooring after your business closes for the day. But it's important to keep in mind that vacuuming alone may not get your flooring as clean as it needs to be. In some cases, a regular vacuum may actually leave behind pathogens instead of remove them. It's probably safer to have a commercial carpet cleaning contractor clean your flooring.

A commercial carpet cleaner can use stronger and more effective methods to clean your flooring, including steam cleaning. This method not only tackles surface germs, it also removes pathogens living deep inside the carpets' fibers. The dust and other debris coating your flooring may also harbor pathogens. Steam cleaning pushes debris to the surface, which makes it easier for a contractor to remove it.

A contractor may suggest that you professionally clean your carpets regularly to keep your business and customers safe. You can discuss a schedule that works best for your business. For instance, if your boutique or store is extremely busy during the afternoons, schedule your cleanings in the evenings or after hours. If you can't choose a schedule that works for you, consult with a contractor immediately.

You can also spot clean your carpets during the week to keep them safe and healthy. You can use spot cleaners to help you do the job. Some carpet cleaning companies sell supplies to their customers, so be sure to ask your contractor if they do.

To learn more about your carpets and the germs they harbor, contact a commercial carpet cleaning company today.