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The Joy of Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Information That Homeowners Might Not Know

Catherine Edwards

The air ducts can be a critical part of a home's air conditioning system. However, the ducts can be one of the parts that are the easiest to overlook when it comes to maintenance. In particular, cleaning the air ducting can be one of the maintenance aspects that can be the easiest to overlook.

Why Would A Homeowner Go Through The Process Of Having Their Air Ducting Cleaned?

The entire process of cleaning the air ducting can be somewhat disruptive, and it is common for homeowners to be unsure as to why they should go through the hassle of having their ducting cleaned. This work will be extremely effective at improving the air quality in the home as this will eliminate the dust that will gradually accumulate inside the ducting. For those with allergies, this can help to eliminate many of their symptoms. However, you do not have to suffer from allergies to benefit from a duct cleaning service as this may also help to remove any foul smells that may be in the home.

Will Changing The Air Filters Prevent You From Needing A Professional Air Duct Cleaning?

Routinely changing the air filters will help to reduce the frequency that the air ducts in your home will need to undergo this type of maintenance. When air filters are not changed, they can actually cause dirt to gather in the ducting more quickly. Making sure to replace the air filters at least every couple of months should help to alleviate this problem. In addition to frequently replacing the air filters, you should also opt for high-quality filters that are more efficient at capturing the microparticles that can make it through traditional filters.

Do You Have To Leave The Home During The Air Duct Cleaning?

The work that is needed to clean air ducting will take at least several hours before it will be completed. During this process, there may be sizable amounts of dust and other debris that may temporarily be disturbed. Furthermore, the air conditioning system will need to be turned off throughout this work. Depending on the time of the year, this can lead to the house becoming extremely warm. For these reasons, it is usually advised for individuals to vacate the home during this work, but it is usually not a requirement. Having the ducting cleaned during the times of the year when it is still comfortable outside can help to minimize these inconveniences.

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