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The Joy of Cleaning

Outdoor Pressure Washer Tips To Clean Your Home And Yard For Spring

Catherine Edwards

A pressure washer makes outdoor cleaning an easy project, but just as long as you follow the right rules and avoid damage to your surfaces. Here are some tips and recommendations for you to use when you pressure wash the exterior of your home for spring cleaning.

Prepare the Areas

A pressure washer provides a stream of water that can be damaging to some materials and vegetation, especially when you add cleaners or chemicals to the pressure washer's reservoir. So, to prevent damage to your vegetation, be sure you cover your plants or move them if they are in planters. You should also remove any outdoor furniture or cook grills so you can access your cleaning surfaces.

Be careful of overspray when you are cleaning surfaces that require a higher pressure spray, such as concrete. If you accidentally spray off of the concrete and damage your home's siding or wood deck, you will have some repair work added to your to-do list.

Use Proper Equipment

You can use a pressure washer to clean off your wood deck, your home's siding, concrete patio, and many other surfaces in your backyard that have become dirty over the years or from winter. Just be sure you are educated on what tip to use for each project so you don't gouge a soft surface or remove paint from your vehicle accidentally.

Follow the guidelines for selecting a nozzle tip for your pressure washer sprayer wand to clean your surface but not damage it. For example, for a wood deck, you want a medium flow nozzle tip, which you should always test in an inconspicuous spot before you spray the entire wood deck. That way, if you do cause damage to the wood with too high pressure, you can replace it with a new section of wood.

You can also look for a pressure washer that has a reservoir to hold soap or other treatments as you clean the surfaces. For example, you can apply a siding cleaning solution when you clean the outside of your vinyl siding or apply a wood brightener when you clean your wood deck. The reservoir allows you to spray your solution along with water. Be sure you follow up with a freshwater rinse to remove any solutions.

Use Good Technique

To avoid damaging surfaces as you pressure wash, be sure you hold the sprayer a couple of feet away from the surface. You should also use a sweeping motion that is smooth so you don't overspray one area too long, as it can cause damage. If you are cleaning your siding, apply the soap solution first, then spray it clean starting at the top and working your way down.

For more information about exterior pressure washing, contact a local company that offers this service, like Texas exterior clean.