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Hello and welcome to my cleaning blog. Cleaning can bring you a lot of joy. Without it, our homes and businesses would literally be covered in old food, dust, and garbage. My name is Penny, and in this blog, I'm going to cover cleaning techniques and tips for staying organized. Whether you are trying to wash a stain out of a shirt or keep on top of the vacuuming, I hope these posts help. I also plan to write about hiring professional cleaners for your home, office, or even your industrial facility. My hope is that this blog brings you as much joy as a clean space.


The Joy of Cleaning

4 Health Reasons For Hiring Professional Janitorial Services

Catherine Edwards

Do people in your workplace keep sneezing?  Poor indoor air quality would be contributing to respiratory allergies. Keeping a clean workplace has a direct relationship with good productivity. Dust mites, mold, and germs in the air are some of the health risks that can disrupt the workplace.  It also projects a positive image of your brand. You need professional janitorial services for several health reasons:

1. Avoid Respiratory  Ailments 

Bacteria and viruses can spread easily in the workplace by settling on surfaces like doorknobs and stair railings. For example, if an employee with the flu touches a doorknob, they are likely to leave flu viruses on the doorknob. Then, when another workmate touches the same doorknob, they pick up the flu viruses.

Keeping a clean environment stops viruses and bacteria from spreading. Janitorial services play a crucial role in preventing diseases by regularly wiping common surfaces like doorknobs.

2. Higher Volumes of Clean Air 

When a building goes for long without cleaning, air pollutants build up. It lowers indoor air quality and makes it harder to breathe. Lack of sufficient clean air makes it harder to breathe. It also brings on negative, irritable moods.

Keeping the workplace clean ensures indoor air quality is high. There are high volumes of clean air. It lowers the risk of aggravating asthma attacks and other respiratory allergies.  People also feel more vibrant and positive from higher oxygen levels. 

Cleaning also plays a crucial role in lowering mold spores, pollen, and dust mites, which are known allergens for many people. 

3. Promote Good Mental Health 

A dirty and cluttered workplace can be depressing. People in such an environment feel overwhelmed and disorganized. They can also feel undervalued and demoralized. Overall, it brings on a negative mental outlook.

Janitorial services are very helpful in keeping a tidy and organized workplace. People can find items easier and feel they are in a  positive working environment. In addition, clean workspaces are less distracting and improve focus on tasks.

4. Reduce Workplace Accidents 

A cluttered workplace can hide sharp objects, which can lead to accidental pricks and cuts. Food spills on the floor can also lead to slip and fall accidents. Besides being a health risk, it presents a financial risk because employees can sue for injuries.

Commercial janitorial cleaning services make the workplace safe by removing clutter from desks and the floor. They also clean off objects that can cause slip and fall accidents. In addition, they keep the floor and stairs dry, reducing the risk of slipping. 

Would you like to see a cleaner and more attractive workplace? Talk to janitorial cleaning services about regular cleaning.