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The Joy of Cleaning

5 Reasons To Use Hot Water Residential Power Washing Services

Catherine Edwards

How do you compare washing utensils with hot and cold water? Hot water is preferred for washing because it achieves better results. It is better at breaking down oils and grease, which are in most contaminants and grime found on exterior walls and other outdoor structures like the patio. Hot water residential power washing services use heated water in their pressure cleaners instead of the usual cold water cleaning. This type of cleaning is growing in popularity for several reasons.

1. Higher Antiseptic Effect to Kill Microbes

The antiseptic effect of hot water is higher than cold water. This means that hot water is more effective at killing bacteria and mold. When you wash with hot water, it penetrates the crevices where microbes hide and kills them. You need less antiseptic to clean off mold, mildew and other microbes if you use hot water. 

2. Faster Cleaning by Breaking Down Contaminants 

Hot water residential pressure washing has very high temperature levels. It is better at breaking down oils and grease than cold water, which means you can clean faster. The oil and grease on the surface of the wall or other outdoor structures will break down faster under pressure from hot water. This saves time and effort in washing. 

3. Lower Detergent Consumption

Heat has a softening effect on water, which means that it will not require as much detergent as cold water does. Detergents are more effective at removing pollutants from the surface when used with soft water. Hot water residential power washing requires less detergent to clean effectively, resulting in lower costs. 

4. Remove Stubborn Grime and Chewing Gum  

You may have tried washing chewing gum from your floor with hot or cold water, but hot water is more effective. The hot water melts the gum, allowing you to clean it off easily with a scraper. 

Hot water is more effective at cleaning stubborn grime because it chemically breaks down the oil and grease, making it easier to wash off. It is akin to washing greasy utensils with hot water; it is easier and achieves better results. 

5. Quicker Drying 

Hot water will dry faster than cold water. This is because hot water is already at a high temperature, so it evaporates faster from the surface. You can save time and money with  hot water for your residential power washing services. Also, if you are preparing the surface for painting, it becomes faster. 

Are you tired of unsightly grease and oil stains on your driveway? Schedule a cleaning session with a hot water residential power washing service such as PowerWasher Plus.