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The Joy of Cleaning

Overlooking The Grime? Why You Need To Hire A Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service

Catherine Edwards

When you own a restaurant, it falls on your shoulders to maintain a clean kitchen. If you keep the floors, food prep surfaces, and grease traps clean, you've taken the right steps to ensure a clean kitchen. However, there's still one more step you need to take. You need to make sure that you have the hood cleaned on a regular basis. If you've forgotten to hire a hood cleaning service, you're not alone. Many restaurant owners overlook the hood. Unfortunately, that's not something that should be overlooked. In fact, maintaining a dirty hood can put you at risk for some serious problems in your restaurant. Read the list provided below. Here are three crucial reasons to hire a hood cleaning service as soon as possible. 

Comply With Health Codes

When it comes to owning a restaurant, you need to be concerned about health codes. In most cities, health code inspectors come through on a regular basis to inspect restaurants. If the inspector identifies problems, you could receive a failing score, which could result in your restaurant being forced to shut down. If that happens, you won't be allowed to reopen until you fix the problems. Issues with cleanliness can be one reason to receive a failing score on your inspection, which is why you need to hire a hood cleaning service. A hood cleaning service ensures that your restaurant exhaust system, including the hood, is clean and ready for inspection. 

Remove Harmful Bacteria

If you own a restaurant, it's important that you take steps to eliminate bacteria and germs. Unfortunately, bacteria and germs can live on just about any surface, especially those that aren't clean. If your restaurant hood hasn't been cleaned in a while and you can see a layer of grease, it's time for deep cleaning.  There's a good chance that the grease contains germs and bacteria that need to be removed. Professional hood cleaning removes grease, germs, and bacteria. 

Maintain Constant Airflow

If your exhaust fan doesn't seem to be circulating air the way that it should, now's the time for a hood cleaning. You might not know this, but when the hood is dirty, air can't flow through the exhaust fan properly. Not only does that mean that smoke can build up in the kitchen, but it also means that you can end up with some unpleasant odors. To increase airflow and reduce unpleasant odors, hire a hood cleaning service as soon as possible. 

If you're curious about what restaurant hood cleaning entails, talk to a cleaning service near you.