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The Joy of Cleaning

How To Tell That Your Chimney Needs Sweeping

Catherine Edwards

Sweeping the chimney is important because it keeps it clean and safe for use. A working chimney should be swept periodically because dirty chimneys can, in some cases, cause a chimney fire. It is crucial to call a professional chimney sweep if you suspect obstructions and similar chimney issues. In addition to cleaning, the specialist inspects the chimney thoroughly to determine its condition. This care helps prevent soot from building up and becoming more difficult to remove. Generally, the specifics of the service depend on how regularly you use your fireplace. Below are four pointers indicating that your chimney needs sweeping:

Excess Smoke

You may observe smoke backing into the house through the chimney, demonstrating that air isn't flowing effectively up and out. Instead, it is blown back inside because the chimney is obstructed, preventing smoke from being expelled effectively. Call a professional sweep if you notice smoke flowing back into the room. Leaving the issue unaddressed can result in health issues, especially for household members vulnerable to respiratory conditions.

Soot Falling From the Chimney

Your chimney likely needs professional sweeping if you notice soot forming and sticking to the inside. Sometimes, it may drop from the chimney's walls and cause an unsightly mess. It can also lead to blockage and restrict air circulation in the chimney. Moreover, soot can become a health risk if inhaled over time. To prevent it from compromising your chimney's functioning, have your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly.

Evidence of Animals

Another sign that you need these sweeping services is if you notice bats, birds, or nests inside the chimney. For example, feathers may fall due to flapping wings, or there might be a foul odor coming from the chimney due to a dead, decaying animal. Chimneys are attractive habitats for birds and animals looking for gaps they can access easily. Nonetheless, you should engage chimney sweeping services to remove the nests as soon as possible and install a chimney cap that makes it more difficult to access.


Creosote is a substance that forms inside your chimney when smoke does not escape completely. It forms as moisture when the burning process releases chemicals in the wood. This then rises in smoke, and when the moisture cools, the substance sticks to the inside of the chimney. Not only is creosote highly combustible and, therefore, a fire hazard, but it also has a strong smell and is therefore detectable. Fortunately, chimney sweeping experts employ specialized equipment and techniques to eliminate this substance from your home.

If you observe any of the above signs, you should hire a qualified chimney sweeping specialist to clean it. You need to be conscientious about professional inspections because even though the fireplace might appear clean on the outside, the inside may paint a completely different picture.

For more information, contact a chimney sweeping service near you.