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The Joy of Cleaning

You Might Want To Have Your House Soft-Washed

Catherine Edwards

The exterior of your home is the very first thing your company will see as they pull up. This is one reason why you want to keep it looking its best. However, there are many other reasons why the exterior should be kept clean, which can be done by having it soft-washed when it needs it. Below, you will be introduced to soft washing and get to read about some of the other reasons why having the exterior soft-washed is a good thing to do. 

About soft washing for home exteriors

Sometimes, power washing is used on exterior areas of a home. However, you need to be careful with power washing because the stream can be so strong it causes damage. Soft washing will get your home looking great without the same concerns because it uses a softer touch that's still effective. Soft washing involves the use of pressurized water with a lower stream. When soft washing is done to a home's exterior, a special cleaning solution is also used in the water to help remove that more stubborn dirt, as well as stains. Soft washing helps to clean the exterior surfaces and also helps to keep the surfaces stay clean longer, thanks to the additives in the solutions. 

Some of the advantages of having your home's exterior soft-washed

Prevent mildew and mold growth — If there is mold or mildew already on the home's exterior, it can be removed by soft washing the surface. Also, the cleaning solution used can help to prevent both returning growth and new growth. 

Help the roof stay in great shape — The roof should also be soft-washed, as it can help keep it looking its best and keep it in good condition longer. Debris will be removed that can cause problems like mildew or mold growth, rotting, and other damage. 

Get the most out of your paint — When your home is dingy, it can leave it looking like it's time for a paint job. Soft washing the home can give you amazing results, and sometimes the paint will even look nice and fresh again. 


If you're looking at your home from the outside and thinking it's starting to look bad, then you might want to have it soft-washed. Now that you know more about just some things it can do for your home, you likely understand why it's a good thing to have done.

Call a cleaning service that offers house soft washing for more information.