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The Joy of Cleaning

What Is Softwash Roof Cleaning?

Catherine Edwards

How often do you clean your home's exterior? Do you ever power wash the siding and brick? Some homeowners do this every year or two, but what about your roof? A roof also gets dirty and requires cleaning services. You can hire a company to clean your roof, and they offer several methods. The best option is softwash roof cleaning. 

What is softwash cleaning?

Softwash cleaning is something companies offer for residential and commercial roofs. When a company offers softwash cleaning, they use several things. First, they use a power washing device to spray soapy water on a roof. Secondly, they use biodegradable soap. They place the soap in the power washer, so it mixes with water before landing on your roof. When they complete this service, they begin on the highest parts of the roof. Then, they ensure that the soapy water runs all the way down the roof and into the gutters. The soap loosens dirt and debris, which helps the roof become cleaner through this method.

What are the benefits of this method?

Softwash roof cleaning is beneficial in several ways. First, it provides a clean roof, and a clean roof lasts longer than a dirty one. After all, a clean roof doesn't wear out as quickly. Secondly, it removes harmful materials, such as mold, moss, and lichen, which can develop on a roof. Additionally, this method is eco-friendly. The solutions they use for cleaning a roof won't harm the environment. Another benefit is safety. This method is completely safe for your roof, unlike other methods. Finally, it's safer because you hire it out, which means you won't have to get on your roof to clean it.

How often should you do it?

Many homeowners wonder how often to wash their roofs. You can ask a company that offers this service, but they'll likely suggest annually. However, some people do this twice a year, while others rarely clean their roofs. The best option is to hire this out annually in the spring. If you do this every year, your roof will stay nicer and cleaner. As a result, you might experience fewer roof issues.

How to hire a company that offers softwash roof cleaning

Are you ready to clean your roof? If so, look for a company in your city that offers roof cleaning services. Then, ask them if they offer softwash services. As you can see, softwash services are the best choice for cleaning a roof.

Contact a local softwash roof cleaning service provider to learn more.