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The Joy of Cleaning

Hello and welcome to my cleaning blog. Cleaning can bring you a lot of joy. Without it, our homes and businesses would literally be covered in old food, dust, and garbage. My name is Penny, and in this blog, I'm going to cover cleaning techniques and tips for staying organized. Whether you are trying to wash a stain out of a shirt or keep on top of the vacuuming, I hope these posts help. I also plan to write about hiring professional cleaners for your home, office, or even your industrial facility. My hope is that this blog brings you as much joy as a clean space.


The Joy of Cleaning

  • Caring For Your Commercial Strength Vacuum

    21 June 2017

    Carpet can be an extremely common type of flooring, but it is a very difficult type of flooring to clean. This flooring material is comprised of many densely packed fibers, and dirt or other items can get wedged between these fibers. A powerful commercial carpet vacuum can be highly effective at cleaning the carpet, but these devices will sustain major wear. Preventing serious problems will require you to follow best practices when it comes to caring for this vacuum.

  • A Guide To Correcting Common Misconceptions About Water Damage To Protect Your Home And Family

    4 June 2017

    If you've ever watched a news report about flooding and its related water damage, then thought to yourself how grateful you are not to have to worry about that issue where you live, it's important to be aware that there isn't a single state in the United States that is immune to the risks of flooding. In addition, if you assume that you would be protected financially if your home or land were to flood, the truth is that many standard homeowner's insurance policies exclude at least some types of flood damage.

  • 3 Things You Can Do To Clean Your Upholstery

    2 June 2017

    If you are like most people, your upholstery and furniture gets very dirty. This is especially the case if you have pets or children. Ideally you should have professionals come in and clean your upholstery on a regular schedule, but if you are unable to do that, you can at least do it yourself. Here are some things that you should do and shouldn't do to keep your upholstery clean.

  • How To Get Your Home Ready For A Paint Crew

    30 May 2017

    If you're going to hire painters to freshen the inside of your home with new paint, you'll want to know how to prepare. Painting can take a long time and you don't want the painters to waste time moving things you should have taken care of yourself. Here are a few tips that should help you get ready for the painters. Agree On Details In The Contract Paying the painting crew to move your furniture isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you want to know in advance how much it will cost.

  • Four Tips For When Your Dog Has An Accident On Your Carpet

    29 May 2017

    Having a dog, especially a new puppy, means you are probably going to have to deal with accidents at some point in the house, but even worse, on the carpet. While it's easier to clean an accident on hard flooring, such as tile and wood, it's a lot more challenging when it happens on the carpet. Here are four carpet cleaning tips for handling this situation: Take Proper Action: When you catch your dog having an accident, the best way to help prevent it in the future is to immediately pick your dog up and take them outside or wherever the designated potty space for your dog may be.